On March 15 the Netherlands were put in a "intelligent lockdown" to contain the outbreak of the corona or covid-19 virus. Besides the obliged social distancing, which had already been enforced, an announcement was broadcasted at 5:30 PM that all bars, restaurants, coffeeshops, fitness clubs, sauna's etc etc had to be closed by 6 PM.  Within a few days some had found an intelligent answer and switched over to take-away. But dining out is a completely different experience than picking up food to eat at home. 
We were urged to stay at home, but have never had to show documents or explain our presence to police officers while being outside. But I was in all the groups that were extra at risk, so I didn't go outside unless necessary. But after about 2 weeks at home I got a bit bored and the thought of "a deck a day will keep the doctor away" inspired me to start posting a deck each day in the "Kings, Queens and Jacks of All Times" group on Facebook ( So on April 2, I started the "Lockdown series" there with a different "lockdown deck" each day. They were randomly chosen, but I tried to avoid to show decks that are already shown elsewhere on this site. On April 16, I announced that this series would continue until I could go out and have dinner at a restaurant again. It took the government until June 1 to allow bars and restaurants to open their doors again, although within the social distancing restrictions. On June 2, I went out with a friend to enjoy our first dinner together again since the beginning of March. That night I posted the last deck in the Lockdown series, but as announced I've created this xpo here with all the lockdown decks.
I've used the original texts of the posts and have added and edited the comments with relevant information. You can access the decks in 2 different ways. You can use the index here below to see each deck separately (not in chronological, but alphabetical order) or you can relive the series by going from day to day (back and forth). In that case CLICK HERE.


Abo Stentryckeri AB: Swedish royalty, c1950 Grimaud, B.P.: Whist No 674, 1890's Salomon, S: National Kortet, c1925
Altenburger Spielkarten Fabrik: Kaiser Karte, c1910 Handa: Hans Christian Andersen, 1955 Scanplus: Louis XV, 1996/97
Biermans, Leonard: Jeu des Alliés, 1919 Hemeleers Van Hoeter: Nain Jaune, c1860 Schwarz, Heinrich: Comical, 1948
Biermans, Leonard: Constantia, 1961 Imperial Printing Plant: Historical, 1897 Schmid, F.X.: Essberger, 1933
Brepols & Dierckx: Nederlandse Spel, c1880 Játékkátyagyar és Nyomda: P.Z.M., 1963 Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland: Harte Troef, 1923
Cooke, Alf: Danbrit, c1935 Lattmann, F. A.: Vaterländische Spielkarte, 1915 Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland: Sikar, 1933
Daveluy: luxury pattern, Oostende aces, 1868 -1885 Lattmann, F. A.: Heereskarte, 1915 Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland: Smits, 1934
De La Rue, Thomas: Continental Style 2, c1870 Liebmann, Julius: Rabouge, c1870 Tilgmann, F: luxury Musketeer deck, c1925/1930
Dondorf, B: Vier Weltreiche, 1880's Lithografiska AB: Nya Bilder (new courts), 1900 USPCC: Spanish American War, 1900
Dondorf, B: Mediaeval, 1889 Lithografiska AB: Klubbkort, 1922 Van Genechten, A: Bongout, 1870's
Dondorf, B: new standard pattern, 1913-1917 Ludwig & Schmidt: luxury pattern, c1880? Ver. Stralsunder Spielkartenfabr.: Feine Stralsunder, 1900
Dondorf, B: Hombre No 60 1910 - 1930 Müller, J & Cie: Whist No. 29, 1920's Ver. Stralsunder Spielkartenfabr.: Osram, c1925
Fournier: Arabian Nights, 1988 Müller, J & Cie: Marguerite, c1930 Waddington: special pattern, 1923 - 1935
Fournier: Museo del Naipe, 2003 Obchodni Tiskarny Kolin: Folk Art, c1955 Wert Papier Druck: 3rd National Latvian, 1940
Fox Kruger & Cie, Editions: Muscateers, c1960 Oberg, J.O. & Son: Lyxkort Nr. 364, 1921 Wert Papier Druck: 5th National Latvian, 1941
Frommann & Morian: luxury pattern, 1870's O'Callaghan, John J.: Chicago Souvenir, 1930 Wezel & Naumann: Finest Wenau Whist, c1925
Frommann, Maximilian: Musical Cards, c1870 Peep & Leff, Morocco: royalty pattern, 1945-1955? Wüst, C.L.: Crimean War, 1856
Geuens-Willaert, G.: Paris Exposition, 1900 Piatnik, Ferdinand & Sons: Perry 205, c1930 Wüst, C.L.: Salomon pattern B, c1910 
Granberg AB: Hjortzbergs Spellkort, 1924 Piatnik, Ferdinand & Sons: Rummy Nr 210, 1934
Granbergs AB: Nermans Spelkort, 1924 Piatnik, Ferdinand & Sons: Casmere, 1950 Unknown, Hamburg: Dutch pattern, 1863-1874
Grimaud, B.P.: Jeu Historique, 1864 Rasche: Silvet, c1925 Unknown, Canada: Black Cat, c 1930?
During the lockdown series I have posted 3 extra decks. They are on separate pages here, only accessible from the index:
Daveluy, Mediaeval, 4 variations Joseph Glanz, 1863 and c1905 Hamburger Spielkarten Fabrik Ockelmann & Buss, 1924


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