April 7



Todayís lockdown deck was printed in Morocco and published there by Peep & Leff from Casablanca. The printing was probably done by a small printer, not used to producing playing cards. Square corners and the use of not so fast drying ink point that way. The ink leaves traces on the faces of the next card.
However, itís a rarely seen deck. At least I had never seen it before I found the deck in 2013. So probably published in a small edition.
Courts show French royalty from Louis XIII to Louis XVI, with their spouses and main ministers. All their names are printed in the dividing band of the double image. And if you wonder why a Moroccan deck pictures French kings, between 1912 and 1956 Morocco was a French protectorate. So the deck must date from that period. My best guess is that itís post WWII, so from sometime between 1945 and 1955. But of course any further info is welcome.