May 7



Another day…… another deck. Today's lockdown deck comes from Sweden. The deck was printed in chromolithography by Granberg AB from Stockholm and was published in 1924. It's known as Hjortzbergs Spellkort, after it's designer professor Olle Hjortzberg. His signature (OH) is on all courts and the joker. Several versions are known, but besides the differences in size, quality of the used card and printing, there are two main different versions: with or without. Here's a regular sized version "without", but we also have a patience version "with". To show the differences I've added scans of courts from the patience version here too. The with or without concerns the jacks only and consists of..... flowers.

Laherte Guerra:
You remind me of some single/swap jacks from the pack printed by F.X. Schmid for John T. Essberger that were once listed on eBay as "gay-themed playing cards"...