And what better place to set foot ashore than Boulogne-sur-mer. Situated on the Channel coast in northern France, it has something for every one who likes the sea. At least, that is what the deck, that was illustrated by James Hodges and published by Grimaud -probably ca. 1980- for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Boulogne-sur-Mer, is advertising. Their harbor is one for commercial coasters, fishing boats, trans-Channel passenger boats and of course anything else that will float. 

The Spades represent the commercial shipyards, where mainly coasters are build, and the Hearts show passengers and crew member of one of the Channel boats.

The Clubs represent the local fishermen and their wives in full costume. The Diamonds show those who roam the seas for fun, behind the wheel of a sailing ship, on water-skis or on a surfboard. The aces show the boats that are used by the different depicted "seamen".

Well, it's time to disembark.....we hope you have enjoyed our short "voyage sur mer".

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