Another French ship line that has published 2 nonstandard decks is the Compagnie de Navigation Mixte. A ship line that held lines between France and North Africa and the Middle-East.
Both decks (the other is on the next page) have the same characters from the Greek Mythology and they are also on the same denominations and suits. The Gods and Goddesses on the Kings and Queens, the mortals on the Jacks.

We'll brush up your knowledge somewhat:
Nereus (KD) was married to Doris (QS), the daughter of Oceanus and Thetis (QC).
Their daughter Amphitrite (QH) was married to Poseidon (KH). Triton (KS) is their son.

Nereus is the father of 50 Nereiden. Galathea (QD) was one of them. "Eole" (KC) is French for Aeolus, the God of the Winds.

This deck was published in 1963/64 as "Les Divinités de la Mer".
The illustrations are by R. Kundera.

The shown ships are the Kaironuen, the El Djezair, the El Mansour and the Président de Cazalet.
They are all packet-boats, used for freight and passengers.


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