For those who sail the oceans for their pleasure, the following decks will have a special appeal. The first deck is remarkable, not only because the regular suit colors have been changed for marine objects, but also because the deck is bilingual. Although the indicators are French, each "suit color" is named in French and English. But not flawless, as you can see.

It was published by Tandem Editions as "Air Marin" in 1999. The suit colors are "Fanions", "Lighthouses", "Sailors Knots" and "Marine Ojects" (too bad they missed a B there).

Poseidon (or Neptune in the Roman mythology) with his trident rules again as King, with a mermaid as Queen. Sailors on the Jacks.

I don't know if the edition has anything to do with it, but the name always reminds us of a few happy days in an Air Marin hotel, just 15 km south of La Rochelle.


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