The following deck is a nice link to cover the gap between the decks that describe the way things were done at sea in the 16th or 17th century and in the 20th century. It was published by the French Line, a ship line run by the Compagnie Général Transatlantique, to celebrate the launching of a new ship, the latest "FRANCE", in 1961.

The deck was printed by Grimaud in 1961. The Spades show captains, travelers and sailors from the 17th century, the Diamonds show the same from the 19th century, the Clubs those from the early 1900's and the Hearts those from the 1960's. The designs were done by M. Marie (signature on the AH).

The Aces show the different versions of the "France" over the centuries.

The French Line wasn't the only ship line in France that has published a nonstandard deck to advertise their company. See the next page.........

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