Our treasure here is a mystery deck. Although it has great resemblance in design with the previous deck, there are a great number of small or significant differences in design to be found. Also the cards are somewhat larger than the other decks. They measure 101 x 68 mm. The cards have gold corners. There are only 2 indices per card and they are French.

The close resemblance in printing technique could suggest that the deck was made by G. Delluc too, as an earlier or later version. 

Anyone with an opinion or information about this deck??????

In the months following the publication of this expo, the questions were answered. First Pascal Pette send us some scans and his opinion about the deck, but when we found a double deck ourselves during our vacation in France, the accompanying leaflet gave away all the information that we had looked for.

Front and back of the doublebox.....


The translation reads as follows....

This deck of cards "La Flibuste Françoise" is offered by the S.A.G.A. and its branches to their friends at the occasion of New Year 1953. It was realized by Gaston Delluc. Printed by D. Viglino, the coloring has been reproduced in stencil by Edmond Vairel. The original designs by Sylvestre Guy have been engraved in wood by Henri Renaud.

So our mystery deck is no longer a mystery. It was printed and published in 1952. That makes it clear that it has been the inspiration for the Philibert deck that was published much later in 1958. Obviously there has been a transition deck, our deck from page 4, that shows differences in size, printing technique and coloring, when compared to the Philibert deck from 1958. 

And there's -with a big thanks to Pascal Pette- even some interesting pre-print material to show:

During the 2006 IPCS convention in Paris mr. Louis Badet, treasurer of l'Accart, showed us a deck that was published for the Normandy Ferries. He had 3 of these decks. Only one contained this Queen of Clubs. It's apparently a sort of misprint. The color of the card is a bit darker than the others (white) and the color of the depicted woman is not brown but greenish. Or as mr. Badet commented: "she must be sea-sick!"................... Click the card to see some other cards and the box.

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