The deck has 52 cards + 2 similar jokers and was published ca. 2002 by Dusserre from Paris. So it was probably printed by Boéchat Frères. 

The illustrations were done by G. Bidault. His signature is on each of the aces.

The number of stars on the aces probably indicates the importance of the depicted vessels.


Not only the Marine Nationale protects the territorial waters of the French coasts. All along the coastline there are lighthouses to warn passing ships in the nightly hours. 

In 2001 a deck was published by Editions d'Art "Jacko" de Louannec. It's simply called "54 Phares de France" and that is exactly what you get: photographs of 54 different lighthouses with their names (or name of the port) and the name of the specific coast where they are situated.

The photographs were made by Jean Guichard.

So, now that we can see the shores again, it's time to plan our landing.............

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