It's time to return to our home-port. In these days we can sail the seas under reasonably safe conditions. Piracy has been banned from most of the seas and oceans. Only on parts of the African coast and in parts of the Far East pirates are still active. Their role can only be played in parts of the world, where the local naval forces aren't as well equipped as in.......let's say.....France.

Here's a deck that shows 52 different artist impressions of France's "Marine Nationale". They were done by Serge Marko. The artist was born in Paris in 1926 and became the Navy's official artist in 1983. In this capacity he has traveled around the world. He was in the Chinese Sea in 1988, the Indian Ocean in 1990, the Arab and Persian Gulf in 1991 and participated in many other missions.

The deck gives a good insight in all the Navy's tasks, equipment and military capacity.

The deck was printed by Carta Mundi and published by Editions Polaires from Nice in 2000.


The next deck was also published for the Marine Nationale. 

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