Made in 1927, in 4 colour lithography. Versions of 33, 53+joker exist. Cards measure 56 x 88 mm. Published by SN and several firms (for advertising). Production was stopped ca 1935. After 1936 this deck was not listed in the pattern books of SN anymore. The last stock was sold to the Saks company in 1942. The price had gone down to ca $ 0.03 per deck.

The court cards are inspired by the French and Belgian-Genoese pattern. Yet there are enough differences to not refer to this deck as a standard pattern.

Factory numbers:
900 -round corners, wrapper.
944 -gilded corners, wrapper
955 -round corners, box.
988 -gilded corners, box.

The aces shows buildings in old Paris and Fontainebleau. The same aces were used to accompany the decks with the Berlin Pattern, that were published under the names "Petit Trianon" and "Moyen Age" (SN-S04).

The joker with this deck is the only version of this company joker where the word "joker" is written above the figure.

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