Made in 1928. Chromolithography. Only available version of 52+joker. Cards measure 62 x 91 mm.

Published by SN.

Printed in 7 colours. The costume deck Hollandia "A" was redesigned in a more simple version. On the Ace of Spades the Peace Palace in The Hague is finally shown in its correct form and shape (only one main tower).

Factory number:
938 -gilded corners, luxury box.

The court cards don't have letters as indicators. A crown for the Kings, a fan for the Queens and a wooden shoe for the Jacks are used as indicators.

Not all the depicted costumes are the same as in the Hollandia "A" deck.

The tiled back depicts different scenes. There is a reddish version and a blue one (as shown). The joker was specially designed for this deck and doesn't come with any other decks.

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the BOX office

the INDEX room

the JOKERS quarters 

the ACES suite