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Three types of jokers can be distinguished:

1) The standard company joker. They came with standard company decks.

2) The special company joker. Accompanied the special company decks.

3) The special advertising jokers. Came with special advertising decks.


the company jokers


The "SPEELKAARTENFABRIEK NEDERLAND" has had several "standard" company jokers during the years of its existence. No NSF-deck has yet been found, that was accompanied by a joker.


company joker I


The oldest SN joker is "the little devil"...

This weird character carrying a balloon was used from ca 1912.

other variations:....and ..

company joker II


Shortly afterwards, from ca 1913 until ca 1925 "the little farmboy" was used


Variations of this more friendly looking kid:

(the caption on the first joker reminded us to "only play with Dutch playing cards")


An early variation of this joker has the "horseshoes" in two corners:

company joker III 



Between 1920 and 1925 the "monkey joker" began a long career with lots of variations. They can be seen with several decks on expo. The oldest ones have horseshoes in the corners. There are variations with "THE JOLLY JOKER" and "JOKER" under the figure. With the Trianon deck (SN16) the word "JOKER" was placed next to the monkey's head. In the New Liberty deck (SN13) the manufacturer has put his name vertically next to the monkey. Later black stars were put in the corners.

a rare red-starred variation . . . . .

From ca 1932 the rolls were turned with the next joker. A jester plays with a monkey instead of the other way around.

   ... . . .company joker IV.

An earlier version has four stars in the corners and no borderline.

  Company joker V.


The joker that comes with the Neerlandia decks (sometimes together with a monkey joker).

The one on the left is a rare mirrored version of the company joker V. It comes with the Neerlandia "B" deck (SN19). With the Neerlandia "C" decks sometimes this joker appears without text.

company joker VI & VII

(late 1950's)



company jokers VII and VIII.


These last 2 company jokers are used since ca 1959

They both come in one deck

     special company jokers          special advertising jokers