(a heart as trump)

"Harte Troef" was the name of a theatre play. The deck was ordered by B.A. Mullens, the director of the Grand Theatre in Amsterdam, to commemorate the 50th show of this play. The courts represent the major actors and the aces depict the stage scenes of the three acts.

Made on March 7, 1923. Published by the Grand Theatre, Amsterdam.

Designed by Ben Kok. Printed in a total run of 711. Only version of 32 cards (65 x 93 mm).

The actors got a card of their own. The actresses had to share one card.

All the pip cards had the name of the play and the theatre in gold print on them. The Aces show the stage backgrounds for the three acts the play consisted of. The text on the Ace of Hearts is to commemorate the 50st show of this play.

The design of the backside was also frequently used for the "Fortuna" deck (SN09).

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