Made since 1925, in chromolithography. Known versions of 33 and 52 cards (59 x 92 mm). Although this deck is found in many sample books, not one complete deck has been found. So it is hard to say if a joker has been issued with the 33 cards deck or that an extra card was meant.

After 1935 "Wereld" is not seen in the SN pricelists anymore.

Factory numbers:
601 -round corners, wrapper.
602 -gilded corners, wrapper.

The deck was obviously inspired by the "Cartes Impériales" of Brepols&Dierckx Zoon from ca. 1875.

The aces are a coloured version of the Dutch-Indies aces, designed by mr. Kleijn.

the extra card is probably to promote the new trademark logo (used since 1925)

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