(New Liberty)


Probably made in 1915. Lithography. Only known in a version of 52 + joker. The cards measure 62 x 92 mm.

Published by SN.

The Jacks of the older "Liberty" deck (SN06, not on expo) were redrawn. In the old version their hats had a great resemblance with the crowns of the Kings, which probably led to some confusion and thus to redesigning them. The swords of the Jacks of Hearts and Spades were probably replaced by lances for the same reason.

The deck was sold until 1924.

The shown deck has Dutch indicators. There are also versions with German and English indicators.

the aces are the same Dutch aces that were used for the "Kroon" deck (SN07), depicting the different palaces of the royal Dutch family.

On the joker the full name of the manufacturer "Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland" is printed vertically alongside. This version of the monkey joker was only used with these kind of decks.

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