First made in 1911.

In lithographic versions with 32, 32+Joker and 33 cards (63 x 93 mm, 63 x 92 mm).

Later in offset versions with 40, 52 and 52+joker (61 x 89 mm, 60 x 91 mm).

Published by NSF, SN and firms for advertising goals.

Also published as "Kroonkaart No. 12", "Nederlandsche Kroonkaart" and "Fortuna"

Factory numbers:
300 - round corners, wrapper.
344 -gilded corners, wrapper.
355 -round corners, box.
388 -gilded corners, box.

Above an example of the "Nederlansche Kroonkaart" version by SN: aces show the palaces of the Dutch Royal family. Probably made ca 1920.

Below the "Fortuna" version: aces with views of Dutch towns, also used with the Neerlandia decks (SN01, SN10, SN12). An early NSF/SN deck as the black indicators and design of the clubs suggest.

Above a later version (ca. 1928) of the "Nederlandsche Kroonkaart". This version was used until ca 1940.

Below the oldest version, "Kroonkaart No 12" by NSF. Small black indicators on the courts. The pips have no indicators and plain aces were used.

Special aces were made for this deck for the Schram Company ca. 1930.

Check them out at the ACES SUITE.

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