First made between 1909 and 1912. Printed in lithography, exists in 52 cards or 52 + joker. Cards measure 65 x 91 mm.

Published by NSF and SN.

Also published as "Liberty Playing Card" and "Liberty Special".

The deck was produced for export. The "Liberty Playing Card" and "Liberty Special" both had English indicators. The Ace of Spades is the same as that of  SN-S01. The joker is factory joker #1 with "The Jolly Joker". The difference between the two versions is that the back design of the "Liberty Special" was printed in 3 colours and that of the "Liberty Playing Card" in only 1 colour.

 There is also a "Liberty" version that has German indicators (K, D, B). It has the old NSF Clubs design (with the small points) and the back design was printed in 3 colours.

The Liberty decks were in production until 1915, when a new version was published (SN13)

  Pictures were taken from a SN sample book.




Printed ca. 1912 in lithography. The deck consists of 52 cards and a joker. The cards measure 51 x 71 mm.

Published by NSF?/SN as "liberty Patience" and "Liberty Special Patience".

The "Liberty Patience" has German indices and the old NSF/SN suit signs. The Ace of Spades has no decoration and the joker is titled "joker". The "Liberty Special Patience" has English indicators and regular suit signs. The Ace of Spades is the same as used for the SN-S01 deck and there is a ""The Jolly Joker".

"Liberty Patience" is not mentioned anymore in the sample books of ca. 1915, but was in stock until 1919.

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