In the beginning of the 20th century playing card makers from all over Europe began to make costume decks. The SN deck was drawn and designed by Kleijn.

First made and published by SN ca 1913. Chromolithography, versions of 52 and 52 + Joker are known. Cards measure 60 x 91 mm.

The court figures wear regional Dutch costumes.

On the Ace of hearts the Peace Palace (Vredespaleis) in The Hague is depicted. It was drawn after the original design of Belgian architect L.M. Cordonnier from 1906. The Peace Palace was constructed between 1907 and 1913. It was found too expensive to build it with two main towers and only one was actually build. Too bad the aces were already drawn and published.

A new redesigned version of this Hollandia deck was published in 1928.

see Hollandia "B" (SN17)

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the BOX office

the INDEX room

the JOKERS quarters 

the ACES suite