Made since 1909/1912 by NSF/SN in chromolitography. Only a version of 52 cards (63 x 93 mm) is known. In 1919 there were only 144 decks left. In 1920 it was sold out.

Published by: NSF, SN, Scheepvaartmaatschappij (shipping line) "Nederland".

Also published under the names "Dietsche 655" and "Salonkaart".

The used costumes on the courts date about 1600. The jack of hearts carries the old "Geuzen" flag (orange, white and blue). The present colours are red, white and blue. The "Geuzen" was the nickname of the Dutch people that rebelled against the Spanish, when they occupied our country in the 16th century. "Dietsch" is an old word used for "Dutch".

Indices show that this is an NSF version.

The standard aces that go with this deck have the above shown heraldic designs.

The extra card show the trademark logo # 2 and mentions the name of NSF.


Special aces were made somewhere between 1909 and 1914 for the S.M.N. shipping company showing scenes from different international harbors that were frequented by the S.M.N.

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