. "Tegelkaart".


The "Tilecard" is the name of a deck that was originally made by the NSF/SN since 1909/1912. It was also published under the names "Hollandsche Tegelkaart", "Hollandia" Tegelkaart and "Delft" Tegelkaart. Only known in decks of 52 cards (63.5 x 92.5 mm).

As it wants to represent the so-called Delft-blue tile style, the cards were printed in lithography (with two colours) in different tones of blue. Another version was printed in tones of brown.

The courtcards show two figures each, dressed in local costume or professional outfit.

The aces show different scenes from the Dutch countryside.

The pip cards and extra card have a different background-drawing in light colours for every suit colour.

As these decks are great souvenir decks, there is a good chance that they can be found in other countries as well.


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