Made and published since 1911 by NSF, SN. Versions of 32,33 and 52 cards (60 x 92 mm) are known. In 1913 it was still in the sales books, but it didn't stay in production for long.

The court cards from this deck show a distinct resemblance to the "Cartes Impériales", made by Belgian card makers like Van Genechten and Brepols&Dierckx. The aces have different scenes than the Belgian aces. Scenic views from along the river Rhine were used as illustration. Hence the name of the deck.

Notice the black letters (indicators) on the hearts and diamonds. Together with the "flat" shape of the V on the Queens this would indicate that the deck was made by NSF.

The coloured background drawings were not used, when the deck was later re-issued as "Wereld" (SN14). The court figures remained the same.

There was an extra card with some decks, that mentioned other decks that were made by NSF. Still unknown is the deck that was described as "Carte Blanche". Should you have any info.......

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