This deck was made since 1911. The cards show a fine chromolithography. These decks have been found in versions of 33, 40 or 52 cards (64 x 92 mm). Production stopped in 1916.

This deck was also published under the name of "Amstel" or "Clubkaart"

Published by: NSF, SN and the Koninklijke Pakketvaart Maatschappij (shipping line).

The shown deck is an old version, made by the NSF. The letters (indicators) are in black while the suit colour is in red on both diamonds and hearts. Another indication is that the clubs symbol has 3 small points on the round shapes. A last characteristic of the older versions can be found in the special shape of the letter V on the Queens. The bottom is a little flat.

NEERLANDIA "A" was published with 3 different kind of aces:

as "Clubkaart" : with Jugendstil decorated aces.

as "Amstel", aces with different scenic views of Amsterdam.

as "Neerlandia", aces with scenic views of different Dutch cities (see picture below).

There are three versions of the Neerlandia deck. The other versions can be found as Neerlandia "B" (SN10) or Neerlandia "C" (SN12).


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