Made since 1915 in chromolithography.
Known versions of 32, 40, 52 and 52+Joker. Cards measure 64 x 93mm, 65 x 93 mm.
Also published under the names "Amstel", "Club" or "Schelde".
All versions were available from 1915 until 1942. The "Club" was in stock until 1944.

The following factory numbers are given:
Fortuna is numbered 799 (gold corners, slide-box).
Amstel is numbered 422 (round corners, box) or 433 (gold corners, box) or 444 (gold corners, slide-box).
Club is numbered  855 (round corner, box) or 888 (golden corners, box) or 899 (golden corners, slide-box).

The differences in the versions are shown by the price. Around 1930 the "Fortuna" was offered for ca $ 0.55, the "Amstel" for ca $ 0.42 and the "Club" for ca $ 0.37.
"Fortuna" is the luxury version. All cards have a slightly coloured background and more colours were used in printing. Here below is an example of the "Club" version.

and an "Amstel" version

Below: older version with logo#2 and two cards from a deck with English indices and bigger suit colours, made for the Holland America Line.


The back of the "Amstel" was printed in two colours. The back of the "Club" was printed in only one colour.
In 1928 the "Schelde" version was made: a "Club" version with linen pressing.

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