Rijnlands Beeld

(Rhineland pattern)

Made since 1935 . First in lithography, later in offset. Versions of 32, 32+joker (62 x 91mm and 62 x 90mm) and 52+joker, later 2 jokers(58 x 88mm and 41 x 61mm in solitaire size).

Published by SN and various firms (for advertising).

The pattern was already in use in Germany for many years. Made by Dondorf among others. The SN was still chauvinistic enough to advertise the courts as "Nederlandse poppen" (= Dutch courts).

Published as: Tivoli, Kilt, Kroon, Wereld, No.2222, Friesland, Scout, Jockey, Oranje Overwint.

The deck was in production until 1969. A solitaire version with non-decorated aces appeared ca 1940. During all these years some firms had special aces (or jokers) made.

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