Nieuw Berlijns Beeld

(new Berlin Pattern)

Made ca 1940 in lithography. Versions of 32 and 36 cards, measuring 58 x 91 mm.

Published by VASS, Lloyd Wirtschafts Werbung, and Bayer.

The used design is practically the same as that of SN04, but this version is much more simple.Other differences are: the non decorated aces, the four large indicators.

The deck was made for export to Germany. Various orders were made by the VASS. One of them for 123.000 decks! The name of SN or Faddegon is not mentioned anywhere in these decks. Only the Hamburg publisher Lloyd insisted that the name of SN should be on one of the cards. It was printed on the 7 of hearts.

Production stopped in 1943.

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