. . Berlijns Beeld . .

(Berlin Pattern)

Made ca 1929. Chromolithography. Versions of 52 and 52+joker. Measures 38 x 60 mm.

Published by SN as "Tivoli".

The solitaire version has the same fine drawings as the regular version (59 - 93 mm, SN-S04). The use of pale colours suggests a luxury deck. The particular suitcolours of the older (1909/1912) regular sized deck (not available for scanning) have been replaced. The SN-S04 deck comes with special aces, that show scenes from ancient Paris, Fontainebleau and the Petit Trianon. The deck was published as "Petit Trianon" and "Moyen Age".

A later version from ca 1931 has, besides the joker, an extra card with trademark logo #4.

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