Made in 1943. Chromolythography./52+joker. Cards measure 58 x 88 mm.

Published by De Boer Jr.

Designed by J. Verhoeven, "Maritiem" was printed by SN in 8 colours. The deck was delivered in portions. The last shipment was in April 1946.

The male courts depict different maritime professions. Three of the female courts show ornaments that were used on bows

The aces show different kind of antique and modern (from ca 1600 to 1938) ships.

Neptune is the joker.

The backs have a light blue/dark blue (see above) and a red/dark blue version.

"Maritiem" came in a solid carton double box.

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the BOX office

the INDEX room

the JOKERS quarters 

the ACES suite