(North Braband "A")


Made in 1943. Printed in chromolithography. There are 52 cards and a joker, measuring 58 x 88 mm.

Published by SN. Illustrated by Jan Wijga.

Two versions of this were made. This is the oldest one, the later edition can be seen as SN35.

In 1937 the VASS from Altenburg had made a test print for the "Noord Braband" insurance company. The deck had a Rhineland pattern and the back design advertised the company. But no order was placed.

In August 1941 SN was approached to make a special designed deck. It resulted in a deck, printed in 10 colours. The theme was the history of  Braband, a Dutch province. The courts show important figures from the ancient Duchy and the aces show historical buildings. The Jacks are represented by farmers/soldiers, placed against a background with various important local battles.

A small booklet was going to be printed by a different firm and would be the same size of the deck. The box had to be big enough to hold both deck and booklet. In July 1943 a delivery of 1296 decks was made, but the decks were not accepted. Legal steps were taken by SN, but probably didn't solve the dispute. Eventually SN decided to publish the deck. In August 1943 the company printed a regular back over the original (advertising) design and a decoration over the logo, that had enriched the 2's. In some decks the 2 of Clubs didn't have the original logo, but they were overprinted anyway. 

The difference between this version and the SN35 version, are the lines around the design on the courts and aces (not on the joker). Also a cheaper playing card carton was used, probably because paper was scarce during the WW II, and the cards are a bit smaller in this version. 

No deck was available for scanning, so some pictures from the original catalogue are shown here.



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