(new Dutch card)


Made in 1932 as a modernization of the "Dietsche Kaart" (SN04). Printed in lithography. Version of 52+joker only. Cards measure 61 x 89 mm.

Published by SN and other firms (for advertising)

The courts were drawn after the designs of SN04, but printed in only four colours.

The Queens of diamonds and clubs have kept the same design, all others have been exchanged. There are four big indicators instead of the two smaller ones.

The flag is carried by the Jack of diamonds and has the modern "red, white and blue" colours instead of the "Geuzen" colours "orange, white and blue" of SN04.

The accompanying aces can also be found in the decks SN-S02 and SN-S06. They show views of Dutch cities.

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the BOX office

the INDEX room

the JOKERS quarters 

the ACES suite