Nieuw Neerlandia "C"

(New Neerlandia C)


Printed ca. 1950 in offset. Version of 52+joker only. Cards measure 61 x 89 mm.

This third version of the New Neerlandia pattern was completely redrawn by M.A. Koekoek for printing it in offset. That meant cheaper production, but unfortunately also lesser quality. In a salesman book from around 1950 the older lithographic version was offered as "Kroon" for 85 cents per deck, while the new offset was offered as "Neerlandia" for 55 cents. 

The Neerlandia "C" decks were produced until ca. 1959.

On the King of Hearts the suit colour is printed over the tip of his sword.

The New Neerlandia decks were also produced for export. There are versions with English indicators or Danish indicators (as shown here).

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