Nieuw Neerlandia "B"

(New Neerlandia "B")



Printed ca. 1931 in chromolithography. Only known version of this "mirrored" deck has 52 + joker. Cards measure 61 x 89 mm.

Designed by M.A. Koekoek.

All court cards and aces have been mirrored, except for the King of Hearts and King of Diamonds. On the King of Spades, printed along the sides, it says "Copyright"and "Nadruk Verboden".

Although not "mirrored", the King of Hearts is still different from the other versions, because the sword is "cutting" the suit colour.

Both New Neerlandia "A" and "B" were sometimes published with plain aces


The "mirrored" joker can be seen in the Jokers Quarters.

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