China has become a major player when it comes to producing odd shaped decks. Some have been commissioned by publishers from other countries. 

 This deck is one of a series of 5 different "holidays" decks. They were all printed in China and published in the USA in 2002 by Fundex Games Inc.
Holidays are: Easter (2), Christmas (1 round deck) and Halloween (2).


This one was named "Easter" and shows a bunny on the backs. The design "explains" the chosen shape.
The second "Easter" deck has a backdesign of a colourful easter egg and is therefor made in the shape of an egg. We don't show it here, because an egg shaped deck has already been shown in this xpo.


Here's another deck from this series. It's titled "Halloween" and shows a ghost on the backs.
The second Halloween deck is ellips shaped and shows a pumpkin on the backs.
For all the shown decks goes: the backdesign is decisive for the shape of the deck. Of course there's an exception. The round shape of the deck isn't supported by the design.

Each of these decks consists of 52 cards, 2 jokers and an extra card. The deck can be used to play all regular games, but the extra cards also give the possibility to play a special game for 3 or more children. For this deck the game is called "Scary Eights".
Each deck comes in a special tin box, that has the shape of the cards and the backdesign on the lid.

But there are more "functional" shapes to destinguish.............

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