The only known European answer came from France. The deck was published as "Le Régime Bush" to show the main players in the Bush gouvernment and in what is called the "neo-conservative revolution".

The Spades -Organisation- reveal the cast of directors that work on the other 3 forms of power:
Diamonds -Exploitation- show representatives of economical power.
Hearts -Communication- highlight key figures of what is called "the ideological superstructure".
Clubs -Repression- portray the leading figures of the secret services and military power.

It's a bit disappointing that it was obviously published for the internal French market. The text is in French and French indicators were used. I don't think George W. will be impressed or.....

But he will be remembered among playing card collectors as the man who was responsible for the launching of a multitude of decks, that "shock and awe" the collectors of non-standard playing cards. With these decks George W. didn't only set the political tone, but the tedious, boring design will also echo for a long time. New spin-offs have already been seen on the political scene in the US and although their topics have nothing to do anymore with the Gulfwar, their design is still based on the original "Sadam deck", now almost truely the "mother of all decks".

Let us hope that there will not be any war anywhere anymore. But as realists, it may be better to hope that the designer of the next war deck will have a more imaginative and expressive mind then. So, should he be looking at this page now..........only for you is the page1 button!

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