(North Braband "B")


Made ca. 1952. Chromolithography. 52+joker, measuring 61 x 89 mm.

Designed by Jan Wijga (first edition in 1943).

Published by the Verzekeringsmaatschappij "Noord Braband" (an insurance company, who's name was used for this deck). Noord Braband is also a province of the Netherlands.

The shown deck is form the second edition ("A" version=SN27) and has no borderlines on the aces and courts, as the first edition had. Also the cards are bigger and the quality of the playing card carton is much better. A book, written by Anton van Duinkerken, about historical figures from the old Duchy Brabant accompanied the deck in the box. This book was printed for the first edition of 1943 and has the size of the original edition.

The Kings and Queens represent important historical figures of the Duchy.

In the accompanying book a description of their lives is given.

On the Jacks the important battles are represented by unknown soldiers and countrymen.

The aces show historical buildings in the former Duchy.

The joker was specially designed for this deck and depicts Pieter Breugel.

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the BOX office

the INDEX room

the JOKERS quarters 

the ACES suite