(SN33 A & B)


(movie stars)

Two productions: "A" first in January 1958 and "B" in December 1959.
Printed in offset. The cards measure 58 x 88 mm. and there are 52 cards and a joker.
Published by Maple Leaf.

The name "Filmsterren" was given by the makers of the catalogue. It is not known how it was titled by SN.

Cards were given with packages of chewing gum and had to be collected. The 52 cards were printed on one sheet and the jokers on a separate sheet. The back design of both editions is the same.

The "B" version (not depicted) has a number of different actors on the cards:
Hearts - Gilbert Bécaud on the 6 and Brigitte Bardot on the 9.
Spades - Gina Lollobrigida on the 3 and Audrey Hepburn on the 5.
Diamonds - Marina Vlady on the 9.
Clubs - Danielle Darrieux on the 2, Francoise Arnoul on the 3, Daniel Gélin on the 8, Rex Harrison on the 9 and Jean Gabin on the King.

The names of the actresses and actors as well as the name of the movie companies that contracted them are mentioned on the cards.

You can see the pip cards of each suit by clicking the ace of that suit.

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