The deck was originally printed by NSF around 1912, maybe earlier.

Chromolithography, versions of 32, 33, 52 + joker (61 x 93.5 mm, 59 x 93 mm).

Published by NSF, SN and other firms (for advertising goals).

Also published as "Nederlandsche Exportkaart", "Wereld", "Wereldkaart" and "Archipel". The deck appeared in the pattern books until 1935. Price at that moment ca $ 0.02 ! The decks were only sold in a wrapper.

Factory numbers:
199 -round corners, wrapper.
200 -gilded corners, wrapper.

This deck was published with international aces and Dutch-Indian aces (since 1913, designed by Kleijn). These were first printed in b/w, later coloured versions were made. For export to the former Dutch-Indies the deck was delivered in a carton box under the name "Archipel".

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