"Belgisch-Genuaans Beeld"

(Belgian-Genoese pattern)

Made in 1959 in offset print. Only version of 52 cards+2jokers, measuring 58 x 88 mm.

Published by SN and Wood Milne.

The SN version of this pattern has great resemblance to the decks that were made in Turnhout, Belgium in this pattern. There are some differences : in the SN version the King of spades does not have a harp, there is no shield under the scepter of the King of clubs and the King of diamonds has a scepter in his hand.

Another detail that differs from the pattern: the shield of the Jack of clubs resembles the form of the shield from the French pattern. In both the Belgian and Genoese games the shield is formed more pointed.

The deck is printed in 4 colours: black, red, yellow and green, just like the Belgian and Genoese versions.

Court cards, pips and aces have cadres with a light cream background. There are two identical jokers with this deck. There deck was also published with French indicators (R,D,V).

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