Engels-Amerikaans "B"

(anglo-american pattern "B")

Made ca 1924, possably earlier. Printed first in lithography, later in block print.

Published by SN and various firms (for advertising).

Stayed in production until 1959. During that time it was published under various names:

Good Luck, Good Luck Special, Liberty, Liberty Special, Troef, Fortuna, Fortune, Tivoli, Weston, Club, Supreme, Jockey, Scout 33, Canasta, New Look, Bell, Wapenkaart, Hollandia, Castle, No. 44 and Hunter.

Indicators: there are versions with two indicators and four indicators, both in Dutch (H,V,B) as in English (K,Q,J). Also a deck with French indicators (R,D,V) is known.

Various card measures from 22 x 34 mm (see bottom of page) up to 64 x 89 mm.

The above version is made ca. 1924. Over the years a few details have changed. The zigzag line in the collar of the Jack of hearts has disappeared. The richly decorated ace of spades was produced until ca 1930. Here below some other versions with their standard Aces of Spades.

Ace with logo #3 from the late 1920's.

"Frizzled" Ace was used from the 1930's - 1940's.

versions from the 1950's: with Dutch indicators....

with Dutch Cities aces....

 with French indicators.....


As these decks were also produced for advertising goals, for some decks special aces were made. Most of them can be seen in the ACES SUITE.

A miniature version: each card was given with a deck of 7-Up papers to roll cigarettes.

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