(Construction cards)

52 cards, measuring  58 x 88 mm. Each card has 2 slits on each long side and 1 on each short side. The slits are 13 mm. deep.

Published by De Bijenkorf, a company of Dutch department stores, probably ca. 1960. In the decks that we've seen 2 patterns were used: the international pattern of SN-S02 and the Rhineland pattern of SN-S06. Besides that, i

We created a special number for this deck. In our opinion it didn't fit in the games section, because regular playing cards were used, and neither in the playing cards section, because it is not meant to play a game of cards with these decks, as they seem to be randomly filled with 52 cards, disregarding suits and denominations. Even jokers can be found in these 52 cards construction decks.




Front and back of box Sides and top and bottom of box




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