In fact the diptych says it all. It's the 6th deck and their last one in this series. Of course it's done in the classical way with the Roman numbers VI and the Latin "finis", meaning end. The scene may be called classic too, set in a mythological environment with a banner between two Griffons.
The year of this publication is also given in Roman numbers: MMXV = 2015.
The initials of the designers "P & L" are very
subtle given on the left.
So the English on the rest of the banner is a small dissonant, but alas unavoidable if you want to mention the title, designer and the country of origin as well.


The Uusi Studio has given it it's best shot in order to finish this series of 6 decks in style. All the designs were hand painted!

The title "Classic" refers to the choice of design of the courts. But it seems that these designs have also been inspired by a "classic" pattern that we know as the Anglo-American or English  pattern. We recognize the one-eyed Jacks in the Spades and Hearts suit and the King of Hearts, who is often nicknamed the "suicide king", seems to ponder beheading himself with his own sword. The King of Diamonds is depicted in profile and holds his battle axe, just like he does in the English pattern. But of course these pattern characteristics are not apparent, as the designs do not resemble in any way the flat, colorful line work, typical for the Anglo-American pattern.

A King of Hearts, who does not look like a king.
Although crowned he has no beard or regalia or fine, rich clothing. At best he looks like a soldier who has just been appointed leader of the pack and was crowned against his will. At heart he is a fighter and not a ruler.

A pious Queen of Hearts, who tries to seduce you with her eyes only.

He's probably depicted here as a revolutionary leader, as all the other kings have full beards, fine, classic clothing and a wise or determined look.

The Jacks have been minimally armed. Each of them only holds a single lance or spear. No swords, halberd or other (additional) weaponry.

A classic pose, with half closed eyes.

This firm King of Diamonds has the least convincing beard. Maybe it's because it is white and gray, maybe because there's no moustache, but it looks a bit glued on.