Blue Blood was Uusi's first deck in this series of six. For Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham a first step in designing playing cards. So it's not a surprise that after their third deck they had progressed in their idea's about playing cards' design. When the Blue Blood decks were close to being sold out, they have decided "to give the first a "partner" so to speak", to quote Linnea, and "we also loved the idea of going back and changing some of the things about the first deck that we didn't find as successful such as the size and font of the indices and the design and size of the pips." Click HERE to see which changes were made.

The original blue and purple color scheme of the figures wasn't changed. Some of the characters have been redesigned and new characters,
like the Jack of Spades, were introduced because they didn't want to make the deck a simple repetition of the original Blue Blood deck.

In the Hearts suit the original King has disappeared. His place was taken by the former Jack and a new Jack was designed.
Linnea explains: "as I had always thought he made a brilliant suicide King and regretted not using him as such in the first deck."

What catches the eye is that this deck is predominantly done in blue tones with a few purple accents in the hair of some characters.
The background of the courts is a misty gray and as the contrast is softer now the whole design is easier on the eyes. But the aces and pip cards still have a white background.


The red suits have been replaced by light blue pips and indices. The contrast with the dark blue of the black suits is just enough to maintain easy recognition of the suits.




In their third deck Linnea and Peter introduced the diptych as a solution for the two extra cards, so this renewed Blue Blood version was equipped with a diptych too.

And what a beauty!

Unlike the Blue Blood box, the Redux box has embossed parts, so a relief is felt when running your fingers over the sides and top of the box.


REDUX is an adjective describing something that is brought back or revived.


The deck was published in a limited edition of 3000 decks. Neither this Redux nor the original Blue Blood deck will ever be reprinted.
There are only a few copies left, so don't hesitate to order one at