This second deck was published in Italy in 1978. It was probably printed there too. The deck consists of 40 cards, not an unusual number for a deck in Italy, and was published as "Carte Osteologiche" by Edizioni Libreria dello Studente di Franco Lucisano from Milan. The deck comes with a stapled booklet in Italian, but that doesn't describe the way it was established. It just gives the names of all the presented bodyparts and bones per (depicted) card.

We got this deck years ago, from Ebay, and have taken the minimal info from the item description on to our file-card: appearently the deck was published by professor Franco Lucisano as a study-aid for his students.
Our knowledge of Italian is very limited, but still there are a few more things that can be said about this deck.


(the 1's or aces)

First of all that some knowledge of the human skeleton is certainly needed to actually play with the deck. There are no suitcolours, but 4 osteological areas are used: "scheletro del cranio" (the crane), "scheletro delle cinture d'attacco" (the torso?) , "scheletro assile" (the waist?) and "scheletro appendicolare" (the limbs).
Each suit consists of 10 cards: K,Q,J and numbercards 1-7.


(courts of Crane and Torso)


(Numbercards 7 -2 of Crane)

(numbercards 7-2 of Torso)

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