According to the leaflet the deck was taken home by a worker from the institute, when the students had abandoned the game. This worker had an interest in cartomancy and found a clever way of using the cards for fortune telling too. Although it isn't mentioned as such, our guess is that this worker eventually sold the deck to the Viennese collector.

At first glance we thought that the names of the suits would have something to do with anatomical parts, but when we used a translation program we were proven wrong. Maybe it's the program, but "zelená" means "green", "cervena" means "red" and "kulovy" means "spheric". Maybe it's that program again, but "zaludsky" came up with a blank. The close (plural) "zaludky" however means "stomachs". 


Besides the titles the rest of the text on the box is in Czech. But we managed to understand that 100 numbered decks, signed by Pavlem Jasanskym, were published for collectors. Above the blank rectangle it says "this set has number". I guess we were not one of the happy hundred.


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