There's not much more information about this deck than can be found on the box and joker. On the bottom of the box it says "made in USA", but no name of the printer is given. The publisher was apparently called  "Cards of Colour" and located in Chicago. This name is also on one of the sides of the box. On the inside part of the top flap copyright on the face cards and jokers was claimed in 1992, so that was most likely the year of publication too.
The design of the courts is based on the International pattern. There is a suicide king and 2 one-eyed jacks, but all faces are black and the dresses are colourful. The head wear also refers to African origins. It's a pity that no information about the depicted figures is given, but maybe they are not based on actual African leaders or people and just a fantasy impression by the artist, who's name isn't mentioned anywhere either. The design of the jokers is simple. The BIG Joker is printed in black and the LITTLE Joker in pink. A symbolic use of colour?




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