The "world" Xpo consists of favourite jokers from visitors of this site. If you want to participate, send a scan of your favourite joker(s) in .jpg format to jopo@dxpo-playingcards.com

With a big "thanks" to all the participants.......


David Wells from the UK sent 4 jpg's to choose from. It was not an easy thing, but I limited his contribution to these two.


. . . . . . . . and . . . . . .

The first one is an older American joker and the second one is from Poland.

David explains these favorites as follows: " I think the design of the skirt with all the cards is wonderful . The dolls heads in the arms of the clown are also very cleaver. "

I can only agree!

Vito from the US has send in a few to choose from too. He made the observation, that the Polish jokers were well represented here.

Well, for the first one I chose an older American joker........

. . . . . . . . and of course . . . . . .

the second one is from...........Poland!

I'm sure that he will be pleased, as Vito wrote: " I'm glad, because I'm Polish as well."

José Swart from Roosendaal, Holland, has contributed 2 jokers:

The first is from a deck that was designed by 4 Dutch female designers. This deck was first issued in 1998 during an exhibition at the Turnhout Playing Card Museum. The exhibition was named -like the deck- the Devils Picturebook.

. . . . . . . . .and. . . . . . . .

The second one is from an Indonesian deck, that her hubby has brought back when he had first set foot in Indonesia again.

José explains:

" Young Petruk was a fun-loving young man who set off on adventure in search of knowledge and wisdom. Petruk is one of the characters of the ancient traditional Javanese Wajang Gulit."

Paul Timmermans from Belgium has entered this joker as his favourite. 

. .

It originates from a pinup deck that was printed by the Bielefelder Spielkarten Fabrik (logo: JOKER ) in 1957. The deck was published as "Darling" playing cards. The drawings were done by Heinz Villiger.

Richard Patterson from the UK has entered 2 jokers:

"Both are old but I think the details of the cricket joker are first class. The other joker is the first brewery joker that I got from my collection and I think it's one of the best jokers for this subject."

. . . . .and. . .

Aad Veltenaar from Rotterdam, Holland, has send in 3 jokers, all with a Heinken beer advertising back:

"I started collecting about 6 years ago. At first only backs, but when I noticed these beautiful designed jokers, I changed my aim and collect jokers ever since."

Here's two of them............


. . . . and. . .

Both of these jokers were made in Belgium and published for the Dutch market.

Phil Ashby from the U.K.  has send me this beauty............."She's Danish, from the Handa company and even though she's dressed as a Rooster, she carries it off and looks gorgeous."

. .  

It's one of the jokers that come with the Danish Handa deck nr. 511, Pin Up Girls, from 1955.

Stephan Korff from Germany has entered these 2 "dream" jokers. The first one is an old one that comes with a beautiful -Art Deco style- Irish deck from the 1920's.

. . . and. .

About the first one Stephan explains: "I love this one because Bricriu was a court jester and poet in the Heroic Age of ancient Ireland, the land of my dreams. But I also like it because I got it from a cute little granny of the bridge club in Dublin City University, where I studied for one term in summer 2002."

About the second one: "I like this one because of its artistic unusualness and beauty, but also because I bought it in the "Casa del Coleccionista" (the House of the Collector) in Vitoria in the Spanish part of the Basque Country, the shop of my dreams."

Andrey from Moscow has send these two jokers. They come from the same deck, "Soldiers of Fortune", that was printed by the AAA Group Co. Ltd. from Ning Bo -China- for the Russian market in 2001. 

.   and 

"It not only my favourite jokers, but also heroes of jokes loved by all Russia.
Inscription on a joker: the unknown soldier - Rabinovich, the unknown sailor - Rabinovich."
........ says Andrey.

A Dutch contribution again, by Wim de Rotte.
He's not a joker collector "pur sang", but collects backs, so he sees a lot of jokers too and -just like anybody else- has his fav's. Asked for a reason for this,
Wim wrote that "he liked the way they were drawn"


A contribution from Joan Manahan from the US. Her mother had been an avid collector of jokers for a long time and had gathered a large collection. After she had passed away, Joan continued her hobby.
And why this joker?
Joan: "My mother's favorite category was Music Jokers and I like the one shown that was made in France.  There is a Fleur-de-Lis pattern on the back of the card."


The joker comes from the Jeanne d'Arc deck, that was printed by Boéchat Frères and published by Dusserre in France in 1978. The deck and joker were designed by H. Simoni.  

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