Since Carta Mundi has opened a plant in the USA, there are decks (and jokers) made there for the American market. They often  differ from the European decks in size. These "wide cards" are used in US casino's, but also in most american homes.
Besides the size they often use a different dark red-brown colour for the Hearts and Diamonds, probably because that is somehow popular among casino's there nowadays. And the customer is King too.

Since their contacts on the US market has been strengthened, not only the US plant produces these wide decks, but also the plant in Belgium. So here below a couple of wide "K" jokers. The stars in the corners are not a new feature. It was already used for their 10th anniversary deck in 1981 (see page 1). Most of the CM jokers, shown here below, were still produced in Belgium.

We haven't spotted that many variations yet, but think that it will only be a matter of time before we do. The plant and the market are relatively new to Carta Mundi. Once they have established a more solid position, we'll probably see a lot more nonstandard advertising jokers from the US.



       Carta Mundi's pattern card joker for Scandinavia.


When you're the maker of a respected quality product and use charateristic features, like a logo or a certain design of your joker, then the chances are always there that someone will copy that feature in order to mislead the public. Above an obvious fraude from China, below a much better done copy from that same region.


by other European manufacturers!


To be continued.........

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