We, for ourselves, call these jokers CM's "pattern cards", because on the card the King of Hearts represents the pattern that is used in the accompaning deck. There are 4 Carta Mundi's standard patterns presented on the Jokers: the Belgian-Genoese, the Dutch, the International (aka Anglo-American) and a scandinavian pattern. Because the indicators are in French, Dutch or English, we have catagorised the jokers here as R, H and K.

R (roi)

This Belgian-Genoese pattern is used by Carta Mundi for decks,  that are made for the Belgian Wallon or French market. 

We'll start with what we consider to be the standard joker. There are many variations: with no text or "carta mundi" on the right side and with 7 thicker dots in each circle (instead of the 9 thinner ones) etc. but here we'll show some of the more outspoken variations.


Standard "R" 

   A "shield" shaped one, published as "Jacques".
  Unusual combination of the "R'" with the CM pattern for Scandinavia.

Unusual to see this pattern with a Dutch indicator (see here below) 

H (Heer)

This pattern is used for decks that are made for the Flemish or Dutch market, either in advertising decks or in factory decks that are published by Carta Mundi itself. The pattern is used in combination with Dutch indicators only.
This joker also has a lot of variations: different dots, red dots, different or no text etc.

       Standard "H" (here with thick dots)


Below: 2 advertising jokers with special "dots".


Unusual with int. pattern 

We'll continue with more "pattern cards" on the next page.

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