In our Pin-Up's & Erotica xpo we have shown a German deck that was made by the Bielefelder Spielkartenfabrik and first published in 1955 as "Darling" playing cards. The deck was illustated by Klaus Villiger. There are 2 German variations in our collection, but recently we came across another -Indian- variation. We'll start to show you the original deck and it's two variations..........


The original deck was first published in 1955 as "Darling Playing Cards", but their factory numbers have changed over the years. In 1955/56 the deck was mentioned as Nr. 9012 and from 1957 to 1962 as Nr. 9021. From 1963 on it was refered to as Nr. 4100. All these numbers refer to a full deck of 52 cards + 3 jokers. There's a so-called "skat"version of 32 cards, but that was issued as Nr. 1100 and was published from 1966 to 1972. The first publication as Nr. 9012 was probably made for export only, followed very quickly by Nr. 9021 for publication in Germany and surrounding countries. These decks are identical, except for the caption "made in germany" that can be found in very small font on the 10 of Hearts, next to the woman's toes (not depicted here).


In the first variation   -nr 4100- the ace of Spades has a new design and the designs of the aces of Hearts and Clubs have been exchanged.

The ace of Hearts has gotten the logo of the manufacturer. 

The first variation has two court cards of which the design has been changed: the queens of Clubs and Diamonds.

Here below the blue backdesign of this variation. The green back belongs to the original deck.
The box is the same for both editions. 


The jokers in all decks have the same designs, but in the 2nd variation an advertising text has been placed on each card: "Pikant wie Picon"

This advertising deck for the French Picon brand has the same designs on each card as the original deck. Here below some of the cards.

-1-      -2-