The last deck that we use for this article comes from Hungary again. It's a variation on the original deck and although the designs resemble the original pattern, they don't have characters from the Tell saga, but show famous historic Hungarian figures. The deck exists in a normal size and a small patience size. The pictures here below are from the patience sized deck and have been blown up a bit. The  two cards on the left are extra cards (in actual size). The first one has the four German suits on it and it could be that it may function as a joker in certain games. The other is a title card and has the name of the publisher, KVIZ. The deck was published in the mid 1990's. 


Not only the names have changed, but the designs of the Obers and Unters have changed too, depicting the presented figures. We didn't want to research all the names, but we've googled a few of them. The place of William Tell on the Ober of Acorns has been taken by a "Hungarian Nobleman". On the Ober of Bells the name Ferenc Rákóczi appears. He was Prince of Transylvania and the leading figure in the Hungarian uprising against the Habsburgs from 1703 - 1711. Nowadays he's considered a national hero of Hungary.


With these 5 decks we hope to have given you a good impression of this standard pattern. We have given information about the names from the William Tell saga, but we have carefully avoided to tell you the saga itself. It should be known, but if you want to brush up your knowledge about it, here's a place to go: http://www.wilhelmtell.org


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